Erschütterung | a sister’s grief | poetry

I keep going back to that day

as if that one day, that one act

reflected your whole life

and I try to call you back from that distortion

but who would I be looking at

with the knowledge that life drove you to your death

am I the distortion

am I still wearing my own shoes

(they never gave us back your shoes)

I saw you

how bad could your shoes be

I feel like you don’t belong to us anymore

because of the way they handed you back for half an hour

handed a human being back

not the objects, the shoes, the clothes

what, you think I can’t handle the blood stains now

only to keep you, take you back, move you into the fire

and I try to comprehend that the body without the soul

is suddenly an unholy object in the hands of unknown caretakers

something that must not be on display for too long

something that must also disappear

something that must find its way out of the world

something that has lost its soul

s o m e o n e inanimate

who belongs to me still

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2022 | Instagram: croque_melpomene

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