Belastbarkeit | grief poetry

you become the city that I live in

you become the voice that requires silence to be heard

you become a sound swallowed by the world

you become an invisible part of my flat that I say good night to

you become someone who can’t stay dead within me

you become someone I look for in nature

you become someone who listens without getting noticed

you become someone whose favourite songs keep playing

you become someone who fits through my window

you become someone who watches me watch movies

you become someone who can’t stomach the pain

caused by his absence

you become someone who sits next to me

when I can’t cope, trying to communicate a good memory to me

you become someone whose scent appears on my own skin

you become someone who is never far away

you become someone who has his place in each of us

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2022 | Instagram: croque_melpomene

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