Dasein | poetry

she looks at me from the land of the dead

repeating without moving her mouth

that she is not finished yet

her jaw holds her rancour in place

and for once she wants to conquer

and end this ongoing relationship with the dead

who are more alive in her memory

than she is in her own body

that she lets decay underneath her face

she opens her eyes in the morning

the death wish anchored behind her eyelids

she fantasises about her own death

as she drags her body through her ruined house

and plans ahead and begs without saying a word

goes to bed each night wishing herself away

evoking death in a house that tries to survive

the way she looks at herself in the mirror is a horror story

her body gives in to her as she takes up less and less space on purpose

as she shrinks according to her self-effacement

she makes herself small because she doesn’t want to matter anymore

she doesn’t want to carry herself around anymore

she has had enough of her name being spoken

nothing about her ever felt more natural

than the taste of Coca Cola on her tongue before she died

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2022 | Instagram: croque_melpomene

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