Within Paravent Walls | a novel

Sprung from vicious and dysfunctional generations, the narcissistic
muse, Estefania Viennese, and the self-negating artist, Severin von
Zweighaupt, succumb to the unwholesome love they harbour for each other.

During Estefania’s pregnancy with triplets, her mental illness
resurfaces. As she degenerates, the couple grapples with a
trauma-stricken family of their own creation.

Gabriela, their middle child, suffers from grief and individuation
within a family of controversial artists and performative megalomaniacs.
She brings an antique object into their house that will irrevocably
influence the course of events for years to come.

This literary novel of artistry and dysfunction is not for the faint of
heart. It dives deep into a family of decadents distorted by sexuality,
deprivation, sickness, memory, identity and death.

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