“Within Paravent Walls” by Laura Gentile


Debut Novel Launch Celebration & Poetry Recital

Writing is my vocation. My imagination has always been the place of my happiness and mental health, but also it could be my worst enemy. I try to be my best self every day and be good-spirited in order to release my creative urges productively. I believe in the power of words, language, literature and art, no matter how complex or introspective. What we read shows us who we are. I worked incredibly hard to make this novel come to life and I am approaching the finishing touches with my editor. I have seen the wonders that can happen if people come together with their creativity, their energy to put themselves out there, their longing to talk to one another, be amongst each other with empathy and solidarity, leaving all judgement at the doorsill and excel in letting their hearts, souls, bodies and minds speak for themselves. To write is a solitary activity, the aftermath is not. I would love for you to join me, enter the conversation, find something in my work that inspires, moves or speaks to you, support me if you share my heartfelt ideals and hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to meet at my debut novel launch celebration. Thank you so much in advance.


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