einleuchtend | transgenerational poetry

the salt grinder missed her face

I’ll stay

he missed

fear had turned her to stone

now you can leave

the daughter decided that

her mother’s fears

would never enter her body


I didn’t call the police

I called him


and he barely stood out in the darkness

trying to be a better person

when his demons lay dormant


they are in our house now

and he was a different person

when he was a visitor


and I try to remember

futile moments of unburdened joy

between us

like wet snippets of paper

you never come back to me that way

because my body reminds me

that my safety never lasts


whose hands have gone too far

my hands were not my own

and who’d believe that


she’ll always be the woman who aches outside of a window

framed, skin hanging off her face, within her face

a slaughterhouse, the world outside of her

and she wonders what keeps her alive

I study her from the reflection that makes her disappear

I’ll stay


she replays her life in her head

pretending to be someone else


involves the dead

as if they were still alive

to absolve her of who she had become


I ate breakfast next to a woman

who fantasised about her own funeral

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2022 | Instagram: @croque_melpomene

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