nachgiebig | a poem

someone found you

someone saw you

I wonder whether your eyes were closed

did you die mid-air

someone still sees you falling

someone still sees you fallen

don’t worry, he died instantaneously

(how do you know?)

he probably didn’t even feel a thing

lost consciousness mid-air

the body in shock

it’s happening

we are dying

we agreed

we thought this through

the body knows

the soul knows

did you die as you took that step

complete shutdown

what did you look like

how composed was your face

did you look at the world one last time

or did you leave, hidden behind your lids

what happened to your shoes

your clothes

your phone imploded

I acquainted myself with the bridge

not the valley

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2022 | Instagram: @croque_melpomene

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