the part of all parts | a revelatory poem

you conveyed to me

that women give

and men take

and I saw the abyssal shadow

these verbs contained

curled-up cancers


you took from me

because you tried to take back

what life had stolen from you

or what you had given up without knowing its true worth

and I’d pay its price with my life


war did not stop at a time and place


numbers don’t indicate an end


adults stuffed my body with their belongings

because they knew that death has a no-luggage policy


when I write

all my ages come together


and what they declared to be the end

has only been the beginning for me


they were the recipients of your self-idealisation

and I of your repressed demons

your audience didn’t speak this ancient language

I resent what floats on the surface

and denies the abysmal depth beneath

the cold underlying degeneration

aborted from the sunlight


you only dared to come to me in dreams

but was it truly me you were subjected to in there


one word cannot encapsulate every infinitesimal nuance

one word can be very misleading

and I watched and listened

how harshly people judged others to death

for tendencies and images nurtured within themselves

that they pretended to be inexistent

that they considered harmless and ineffectual

not the same thing at all


but others deserved the gargantuan one word

that kills the everyday nuance

and they’d never be able to love fully

because they’d take themselves apart

binned certain parts

and blew others out of unbelievable proportion

photograph © Laura Gentile 2021 | Instagram: @melpomenepaintings

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