Kunstgriff | Totenhaus | Verwandlungsakt | a poem

how challenging is it for you to be good?

is it a challenge at all?


you judge from your high horse

but never get off


there are no obstacles within you

no tormentors, no hurdles, spikes and artillery

no natural instinct to overcome

no thirst to quench, no self-destruction for the greater good

do you have any idea what it feels like

to live by the light of stars

whilst being blinded by merciless darkness


and you idealise your effortlessness to be good

how it is your sheer nature

how easy it is for you

how easy it must be for everyone else

how quickly they fail your sense of righteousness

I respect the one who wades through hell to be good

not the one who is always good due to an inherent lack of temptation


and you forgive and forgive yourself for action after action

and he refused to forgive himself for mere thoughts


there is a man decaying in his bed

who won’t get the curve

who revisits the same day over and over again

without ever acknowledging the truth


and he tried to fade himself out of me

drain me of his colours

no part of me shall be yours

he made me so that he could take away


and the things that were never mentioned

made an empty house more intimidating

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2021 | Instagram: @melpomenepaintings

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