blind spots | a mental health poem against vampires

you set your own house on fire

and quickly, quickly pointed all your fingers at me


you invited a wolf into the space we shared

he devoured me instantaneously

and you pretended to apologise

whilst still holding the door open

atoned oh, I didn’t know about his appetite


I poured my heart and soul into everything I did

no matter how much I enjoyed it or not

and you walked me to the scaffold for that

and she still asks sanctimoniously

are you okay

are you okay

are you okay


just look at the face when it feigns kindness

you can tell, trust me, you can tell


the only thing you regret is that you can’t fool people anymore

because now they know, now, at the very least, they know

and that you cannot take away


you can easily be the devil

when you play the saint


and nobody would ever suspect you


you shove your virtues down people’s throats

so that they’re blind to your vices


I always see the best in people

How dare you abuse that

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