call your wolves | I’ll howl | a poem against vampires

call your wolves

call your wolves

I’ll stand

you put your fist in my mouth

let it happen you say

let me do it you say

swallow your words

you speak for my profit

you smile for my profit

you wreck your body for my profit

you make me shine

polish me harder

polish me better

give it your all

work the way I say, you have to eat

work in my favour, you have to drink

work and break your body, you have to pay the bills

I don’t care how much you hurt

I don’t care how much I make you suffer

I need the profit and the good name

you say you say you say

let me tell you

you think you’re doing something good

but bullies are at work here

bullies are at work here

sanctimonious, virtue-signalling, good Samaritans

we are a family, careful, see the red-flagged field

invading your space, draining you, overriding you

all the good words that mean something to me

are abused and abused and abused

e t h i c a l

to whom

what does it take for you to take responsibility

for your words and your actions

stand behind your true selves

but that wouldn’t make you any money

you want profit, profit off my back

off my labour, off my smile, off my conversation

full-time, still below the poverty line

liars, vile

vicious sainthood self-proclaimed

out of my blood

out of my body

out of my mind

out with you all

hot air balloons

just a pretty face

brittle hearts

daggers left and right

call your wolves

call your wolves

call your wolves

I speak the truth

and call you out

you pay me, you don’t own me

get that right

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2021 | Instagram: @melpomenepaintings

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