bloodhound | a poem against vampires

you’re out for some blood

you’re not going to get mine

not my blood

you came out of the woodwork with plenty of free time

because you wanted some blood

someone to stick your filthy teeth into

not me, not me,

I won’t let a stranger come at me

out of nowhere

out of malevolence

you won’t come near me

I won’t make myself vulnerable with you

can’t you see your mouth is open

your jaw is ready to snap

it doesn’t matter what you say

it matters what your intentions are

and I can hear them loud and clear in-between the lines

the lines you use like clockwork


the lines you regurgitate

the big expressions that you see in black and white

dead language

beat the hell out of it

that’s not what it is for

there is no human in human resources

the lines you use to choke

the lines you use to checkmate and annihilate

your lines will stay away from me

because you are not coming at me out of nowhere

without a cause

I don’t accept malevolence into my house

let’s make that very clear

you know what you feel like

what is said by not being said

you just want some flesh on the chopping block

and it won’t be any part of me

and it won’t be any part of me

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