eggshellgirl | fingertruths | a dusted poem

you tore into my body

and I made you comfortable


you completely unraveled

and I composed myself


your hands wanted

I couldn’t get mine apart


I was a child when it suited you

I became a woman when you were lonely


I was taught that I have to give

no matter what

and men take

no matter what

as easy as that


I didn’t know that they would take e v e r y t h i n g

and not even ask for it


I didn’t know that women were watching

relieved that it wasn’t their turn


and whilst men’s tempers infected an entire household

and I became a child on tiptoes

women cut themselves off from their bodies

and cemented cemeteries in their chests and stomachs

Photo by u0410u043du0430u0441u0442u0430u0441u0438u044f u0411u0435u043au043au0435u0440 on

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