picture perfect | a poem against vampires

when you parade all your virtues in front of me

I want to see your vices first


the rot has gone too far

enabling has good manners

I throw them all straight out of the window


you apologise and apologise

and put on a sad face

but you are complicit


you turn your back on people

and your face changes


you build a wall of virtues

with your mouth

and hide behind it

and as people compare themselves to you

and punish themselves because they think

that they have to become so much better

your vice-ridden puppet master body

cuts lives in half behind the blinding scenery


he is so charming

and I stutter

you give yourself to him

and lose your patience with me

buying lies, discarding truths



you live on in her rotten mouth

you can’t even deal with yourself in another person

you surround yourself with beauty

because you want to absorb it

to decorate the incessant ugliness within

Photo by Tara Winstead on Pexels.com

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