bookneck | firestory | grief/uninterrupted | a poem against vampires

everything was done by the book except one page

and it was thrown into the fire


another book consisted of ripped-out pages

from other books

a bestseller

a never-ending series


you counted on acts of continuous self-betrayal


I said yes to you

and no to myself


I was choking on the normality

that you projected into the world

and that every fool believed in


people want to be told the truth

as long as they don’t have to deal with it


people want to know everything

as long as it doesn’t disrupt their comfort


you put in coin after coin after coin

to insert yourself watching death happen to someone else

not you


you sensationalise your vanity

and bore me to death


I need to hear one sentence from your mouth

to know whether you have the depth of a puddle of spit


but you pray, you pretty thing, you are perfect, you little thing,

you are desirable, feed me, feed me, sustain me, praise me,

l o o k

a t

m e

“Study of the Head of a Young Woman in White” by Frans Floris I (1519/1520-1570)

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