self-victimisation | a poem against vampires

you called yourself a victim

with blood on your hands


whilst you cannot be criticised

I’m bleeding to death


you destroy our livelihoods

and villainise us in the same breath


she talks about her soul

but her eyes are blank


you presented yourself in the best way

and I believed it

and I lied to myself

I myself put you in the limelight


when success set in

the laurels of our dedication

you sure pulled the ladder up behind you

as quickly as you could


I truly wanted to believe

everything you pretended to be


because at some point people would say no to you

and the hardships you cause

you stand tall

because you crush their shoulders




she plays nice

she plays nice

she plays nice

careful, she’ll bite


and because she seems so nice

acts so nice, nice, nice, nice,

it makes me sick,

nobody would ever think that

she had a mean bone in her body

she fools her audience well


it didn’t take her two minutes

to wipe the smile off her face and

badmouth you behind your back


did you think that I’d

still walk around as if nothing happened

after you chopped my head off?


stand by your choices

stand by your actions

but you betray them

by putting on a false face

a mass grave of lies


they come out to play

only when they can make themselves look good


I made you look good

but words don’t matter to you

money matters

and I see right through you

and there’s nothing left

how could I have not seen this coming?


she took the safe side

safe money

and latched herself onto you

sucking you dry

and you still think that you’re in charge


he wants my body to function

not my soul to live


a n d

w h a t

g o o d

c a n

c o m e

o f

t h a t?

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