capitalism | coming-of-age | a coin for a body | a protest poem against vampires

not enough experience

I have so much e x p e r i e n c e

it would make you choke


timelines intersect

timelines coexist

timelines lie on top of each other

scent on scent



I cannot trust a gatekeeperworld


I’m in my teens

and I’m told

shave it all off

look older and younger at the same time

and I look everywhere

around me

I can’t see old women

do women not grow old?

and I shave and shave and shave

show the flesh that everyone wants to see

before nothing of me matters anymore

and disappears

into the man-built hole for women



shave, girls, polish, girls, smell nice, girls,

moisturise, girls, shower, shower, girls,

brush, pluck, wax, diet, girls, fashion show, fast, girls,

curvy-skinny, girls, extremes, girls, balance, girls,

dye, girls, spend money, girls, not on food, girls,

on products and magazines that blow out your candle, girls,

make-up, girls, hair, girls, skin, girls, clothes, girls, body, girls,

I never saw my hours of self-exploitative work

reflected in my male counterparts.


he puts his hands on my body

and screams profit, profit, profit


he puts his hand on my neck

and keeps me full-time below the poverty line


and tells me “you’re free to go”


it’s not a free choice when you depend on it


he uses my body

to make his dream come true


he underestimates

what his actions

have provoked within me


and when he discovered

that the doll he exploited

had a mouth that spoke up against him

he looked for the closest dumpster

to discard her in


I will find a new one


his dream come true


people walk in and out

and buy the lie

it’s so comfortable, isn’t it?


you’re doing something good, aren’t you?


how can you, with your eyes closed?


ethical to whom?


I’m always suspicious

when I’m better than you all

is used as an advertisement


show me your actions

not your statements


they wear white vests

to hide their corrupted dying hearts

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