spiralchant | looking into me | a poem

your breath

is an axe on my spine


you took me

into bed with you

into the pit with you

into the abyss

the invisible

the blind eye


on the lack of my skin


ghost cannot be buried

furniture pieces

balcony women


take me to bed


death surfaces on your face

you and I are alone in that room


you’d never leave that house


you built a lie

on top of your truths


what did you find in that glass

who appeared through the glass

stop looking at me


I misread your face

and you came closer


you introduced me to loneliness


you needed me


and I walked myself down into that basement

the rooms of your mind


all true things

are taking place

under blankets


she is a handful


and I’d beg women to save my life

but they ripped open my wounds

and told me that I wasn’t bleeding


the brooding boiling boisterous bodies of men


your eyes on me



I forced you out of myself

and never said goodbye

Photo by Enric Cruz Lu00f3pez on Pexels.com

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