girlsteps | stomachpiece | a poem

hold still


his breath blows through my hair


I can’t remember my name


why I’m here in the first place


why he is


planes flying over our heads

I’m lost and found in a car


I walk myself home

barely making it through your front door


I put a lie on my face


I can’t stand it anymore


what are you talking about?

you don’t know what you’re talking about


I lost myself in your death

and he took my body for a ride


home was never immune


in your likeness


one by one


my memories ended

up as puddles of mud

earth and water

you said

wading girls, hold still


nothing good can come of this


the table is set

the basement door squeaks

the man in the corner of the room

head of the table

alpha complex

drunk and rotten

riddled with the dead

touches me

calls me

run away

salt on my body



you look at things that are there

I’m standing where they stand

and I feel e v e r y t h i n g

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