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you were leading me down a road

and I saw the end of it

before I took my first step


you faked the light

and fed the dark


trees are skeletons

you plucked my leaves

one by one


falling on your face


you shoved my mouth in your dirt

pray for me pray for me pray for me



I didn’t see anything


you took the war

and distributed it

like sacramental bread


you tried to keep death alive


nothing happened

I knew that I would die one day

you taught me what I felt


sleep was never an escape

with you in the house


she’d rather injure her for his wrongdoings


they believe him because

he can be as good

as he is bad


because there is a flicker of light

she erases the limitless landscapes of darkness


piss puddle



abuse thread





he exploits what is still intact


he can’t stand it


he must heal

but he cannot


and so we suffer together

we break apart together

and all of our pieces

a mixed mess on the floor


I evoked perfection

to hide behind it

and as an adult I realised

that underneath my picture perfect childhood

my girlhood

creaks a horror story


nothing happened

blow out your candles


there simply were no blindspots

and bestiality could live

and play

in plain sight


his mouth




worse things could happen


you are a work of art

heroes don’t haunt

so what did that make you


you walked me through it

magic trick


p e r f o r m a n c e

d i s a p p e a r a n c e

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