why am I not surprised? | a poem against vampires

I overlooked the ugliness within her

and got wounded by her thorns


every time she pretended to mean well

I felt how bad she truly was for me


her false smile is effortless


she keeps a clean record on the surface

and bullies with unfelt niceties


she knows how to play the good part

that’s how you lose your better judgement


she profits from the exposure of your wounds


she feels alive when she infects your wounds


she is so empty inside

she’ll devour you whole


she signals how good she is to the world

you should see her eyes when she speaks to me


cover me cover me cover me

with false niceties

and nobody sees the blade

under the masquerade of goodwill


I’d have more respect for you

if you’d stand by your actions


but you still play the good person

after everything you did

how could anyone still believe you


you go to such great lengths

to maintain your circus of lies


polishing yourself

stained glass

blind cowardice


I’ve stepped into the trap again

and my body shuts down

you’re done, you’re out


you enjoy the sound of my suffering

you take me in, never wanting it to end

prolonging it, savouring it, and you feel superior

you, a bad actor, a liar, a manipulator

who constantly asks, how are you,

and never ever truly cares about the answer


you use it against me


you use it for yourself


don’t you dare ask me how I am

if you don’t want to hear the truth

Photo by Rafaela Lima on Pexels.com

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