choose carefully | a poem against vampires

you ate popcorn in my house of grief


grief should end like a movie

and you were suspicious


move on now, live your life now


does it really need to happen to you too

before you can even remotely begin to understand?


you find relief in other people’s woes


I’ve made you better than you ever were

in my head


I’ve given you compliments

making myself smaller by implication

and you took everything in

soaking, feasting


I should have known that you don’t feel

that you fake what you see

copy what you can use


girls can kill too


one fire after another


subtle, effortless, undetectable, deceitful


you see the smile, the embrace

I feel the blade across my skin

the fire in my stomach

the unsuspected nightmare


but I thought she was your best friend


you perform what people want to see


I’d always lose to

someone who doesn’t have a conscience


you isolate to establish your relationships


and suddenly there was no one to turn to

and nobody believed it


strategic, provocative, lethal


she attacks the invisible

and everything must be alright

everything must be exaggerated

can you see a broken heart

can you see a broken spirit

f a n c i f u l

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