Lockenmädchenfrau | A Poem

she stuffed her body

to crush your traces


she had nowhere to go

so she put herself to rest

inside of her own body


in order to smile and accommodate

she was violent inside


she looked out of the window

and wished that nobody would find her there


she turned towards the world

to leave her own body behind


she became a spectator

blind to her insides


she abandoned her body

not even love could bring it back to her


she internalised it

when you told her that she was powerless


I never saw the depression on her face

but it was there

the whole face

not in a detail

what she had become


and slowly

her voice

was not a singing voice anymore


she let it happen


she left us in a white dress


death in her head

life couldn’t bring her back

Photo by Anastasiya Vragova on Pexels.com

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