Mother|Girl Erb/stück Daughter|Woman

she told her body to be quiet

because yours wouldn’t stop screaming


you opened her body

to make space for yourself


you knew you’d apologise

after you set her world on fire


the way you said her name

revealed everything


apologies ready to go

apologies without a conscience

without a memory

up your sleeve


reality is a multi-faceted piece of work

apply it where you want

what makes reality real?






lies always carried your voice


she’d numb her body

every time you sought her out


you kissed her with that mouth


violence survived the bodies on the deathbed


last words, next chapter, blowbirth


she served the flaws of the dead still

with her body

within her body





he turned a blind eye

to her cold shoulder


and she made herself do it

before he’d make her do it

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