Lifecrumbs | A Poem

your broken body

exists in mine

just as much as your holy spirit

resonates with(in) me


there comes a time

in the midst of grief

when the last photograph

catches dust

but I am still bleeding so hard


the next time

we will take a family photograph

will you stand amongst us








I know that

you didn’t want us to see you like that


I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye

so I took what I could get


of you

it’s a choice that can only be made alone

and I wouldn’t have let you go if you had consulted me

that wouldn’t have been you

so you inflicted the ultimate wound

and I hold my love for you

in both hands




no matter how many


I wash your clothes

after I’ve worn them

and worn them

and worn them

they still smell like you

on my skin

please don’t make that stop


you took us back to your childhood

the one

in your head

the one

in your body


it gives me peace

to know that

you kept your sense of humour


that you still know who you are


to us


and I hear the rhythm of your voice

the pauses the sounds the vocabulary

through a person who can hear you now



I carry it in my hands

it survived

so hard

“Weiblicher Akt” by Egon Schiele (1890-1918)

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