Unreliability | A Poem

I am not blaming you for the world that I live in

I am blaming you

for the part you played

in mine

when you shrank it

and when you took complete control

without responsibility

when I depended on you

when I was too young

to not cling to you

to escape

to see through you

and understand that I am safe(r) on my own












every time

that I tried

to get close to you

I looked at your face

and felt

an abyss

between us


and you’d let me fall


I’d never come closer



floating above the abyss

no warnings

no cautionary tale

if you come closer you’ll die


but you didn’t keep your hands to yourself

you were an adult

the abyss was a puddle to you

Totes Mädchen” by Egon Schiele (1890-1918)

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