What You Were Willing To Do | A Poem

You rattled something within me

That should have woken up on its own,

In its own time, on my accord, but you wouldn’t wait,

You couldn’t wait, you wanted control,

You wanted to inject yourself, intercept, determine.

You needed everything from me.

Since my birth, you were thirsty and hungry.

You always came first, I never entered your picture at all.

You pretended as if we didn’t exist, as if we weren’t yours,

Out of your control and influence, creatures apart,

Speechless, languageless, useless, an embarrassment,

Failures, nobody ever seemed to wonder, to question you,

Your lack of actions and dialogue, and the overdose of cruelty and words.

So many times you drove us purposefully into our near deaths,

You, the man who conjured up his own in his mouth

During his entire life as if it were all a grand old rotten show,

No, you would never go down all alone, you drag people,

Your own flesh and blood down with you,

I can’t believe that I still got into a car with you.

Photo by Vie Studio on Pexels.com

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