Anticipation / Deterioration | A Poem

I am all bodies at once.

You shoved me into that room of voices.

They were bursting.

There were no signs.

You fed them to me bit by bit.

You eat. You become them. We do.

We watched one another dissolve.

Under the pressure. The heat.

The relentless expectations.

I chewed and used my muscles to get rid of everything.

And there were no more boundaries.

We all became alike, sucked in, torn and twisted.

Fork chasing knife, hands with fingers that fight.

Mind over matter, a body attached to body after body

After life and death.

You spoke to me with your pretentious body.

I knew your words inside out.

Red on my skin, blatant, combustible, etched in,

Arrow after arrow, tense and straightforward.

You used an idea of love to destroy it.

Preying, in circles, I collapse under your weight.

And you ingest my scent claiming this is not mine.

Man-made, eliminate, anatomy, singalong, digestive, endorsed.

I sit in the corner of a room calling all the dead

That you acquainted me with, my body knows them too well

For my own taste.

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva on

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