Deprivation / Embrace / Toxicity | A Poem | From Your Body Into Every Letter

Insanity, eyes closed, tightly shut, mouth,

Listen to me, I can’t speak,

You don’t want me to,

You don’t want to hear me,

You say that I have no voice and hug me.

I smell your skin around my face,

Drunk, cactus, rubbing, you hurt.

My body is not strong enough yet.

Yellow, that’s the scent, your taste, on me.

Tongue, wasteland, hollow me out, wood.

Echoes amidst the dust of our home,

Holding me, steps following me around, quiet.

Fill me up, your innate burdens, on my shoulders,

Down and down I wander, wondering where am I coming from,

Feeling you, everything of you, in fragments

And pieces, syringes, cutting into me, the skin she developed,

The skin I’ve been put into and you were ever-hungry.

Looking at me, eyes on flesh, clothes disappearing, voice lost.

I had a strong voice and you know it,

Swallowed it and I ate you alive to get it back.

Photo by Maria Orlova on

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