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Look at this shampoo and conditioner and mask I use for my hair,

Shiny, shiny, not too dry, not too oily, fragrant but not irritating.

Wow, this is an amazing product, dry shampoo on the go,

I never leave the house without it,

That’s my eye cream, my t-zone cream,

My anti-blemish, anti-aging, anti-impurity, anti-sunlight, anti-moonlight,

Oh, yes, and my lip balm, my lip serum, my lipstick,

So glossy, not too glossy, moisturised but matte, contours, o-kayyy.

And then I use these ten colours for my face, don’t forget the throat.

And then I use this brush for the temples,

This brush for the forehead, this one for the cheekbone,

This one for the jawline, this one for my cheeks,

This one for the nose, oh, yes, and now enjoy the ad

For my personal blush selection and bronzer,

They’re amazing too, travel size? Forget it.

A girl needs all of her beauty regiment products, am I right, ladies?

And you can get 10% off if you use my personal discount for my fans,

NUMBER1MIRRORMIRRORCHICK10. Use it today, you guys.

Like apply it here, and here, and there, and a little bit more there,

That’s a-mazing. Feeling fabulous? Look at that colour.

And now choose the absolute right filter for yourself, right?

Ooops, see that little hair, little rebel in my eyebrow, wait let’s take care of that.

There you go, hold that face, blend, blend, blend, softer, okay now press harder.

Don’t forget to clean your brushes, you guys, you don’t want to be a nasty chick.

Ad alert, this is such a great product, it’s water for cleaning your brushes, bitches.

Right? Awesome. And it’s anti-impurities. What could be better than that?

Just use the discount code NATUREFORMAKEUP10 and support your gal.

These mirrors are soooo good, I use four all in all, so I can see whether my look works

From all angles, so that I can see the back of my head, my overall posture, amazing.

Do you see how beautiful the light shines in my eyes, there’s a link below

And you can get one as well to look fab-u-lous in your vids, you guys.

I will do separate videos for my hair products, body products, perfumes, masks, skin products,

Morning routine, all-day-beauty-routine, party routine, COVID routine, bedtime routine

And many more, I hope you enjoy my content, get your hands on these amazing products

And send me a before and after picture for the chance of winning

My own personal beauty queen set worth £50.

And don’t forget, honey, always look your best.

Like, save, comment, share and subscribe.

10000 followers, partyyyyyy, sooo blessed, you guys.

You make it all possible.

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