Poetic Mental Healing |“Tschüssi”

I call your name, silence invades, uninvited,

Maybe it comes and fills the room with good

Intentions, maybe it is you, without a face,

Enlarging within my mind, I see and hear your name,

My heart pumps and pumps, amidst myself, the raging fire,

You left and said bye as if nothing bad would happen

As if it were just another day

As if there would be a next day

As if you hadn’t decided then and there

As if the world hadn’t just turned its back on you

Or you turned your back on the world

As if nothing bad was unravelling

But there was a slight jump in your voice

In your breathing that said it all in retrospect,

Your heart skipped a beat,

And we felt it but couldn’t understand, couldn’t step in,

Didn’t know, couldn’t help, and you said bye and meant it,

As if you weren’t about to die, exactly as if you were about to die.

Photo by Thiago Matos on Pexels.com

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