Life Within Objects: A Poem

I opened your drawers

And I cried instantaneously,

You had sorted out your socks

And underwear Marie Kondo style,

Everything so neat and tucked,

Side by side, arranged, clean and fresh,

I couldn’t believe it, your feet

Wouldn’t touch your socks anymore

Your skin won’t develop a rash anymore,

Your soap in the shower suddenly obsolete

And untouched, I miss you so much.

What brought you joy, I looked at your room,

Plants that were breathing, the most essential

Books shelved, put on a pedestal, they’re on my nightstand now,

Three of them, the light and air coming in from

The window, the sky you looked at from your bed,

The blanket with your scent, the pillows I

Shoved my face in, wanting you to come back,

Come back to us, all that care and devotion you put into

The life that surrounded you and then what,

And then what?

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