Sense of Time: A Poem

I’m told that it was your soul’s time.

I’m hearing a lot of things and most

Of them I feel to be true, but I’m

Struggling to see how a twenty-four-year-old

Body has to come to an end. Is it the body even?

Or is it the soul? The connection they shared

For the years with me, alongside me?

Was it time for that connection to be broken?

The soul breaking out of the body that I

Watched grow up, that I cared for, or was it your

Soul all along, the soul that I didn’t see dying,

The soul that shone so brightly that I never saw

How deep the shadows went, that death was the

Welcoming light that came so early, I couldn’t see,

I wouldn’t believe, not you, did I know you at all,

Yes, I did, your soul, I just ignored the expiry date,

I never thought that there was such a thing in our

Present, I crossed the red light thinking it was green.

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