Force-fed: A Poem

What happened to all the voices

That found life in the past and

Rose into the present, live within

Bodies, travelling from one to the

Next, holding on, persisting, without

A name and date, without matter, a mere

Purpose to do what, to repeat, to reconfigure

Vicious circles, make them more obvious,

More intense, more invincible, what has been

Suppressed and ignored, resisted and swallowed

In shame and embarrassment, have those voices

Been killed off, is that what light demanded collectively,

Rage against shadows, twist one another’s arm

In a never-ending battle in black and white tones,

Why, what good will it do, how could this ever help?

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  1. You know? I’ve been reading through your work more. The characters and expressions and personifications and and and… I find it interesting that I didn’t see this before. I don;t know if I’ve ever experienced a poet so versed in Facing It, whatever it is each time. And, Your work in itself feels like a tome of fecund Brainspotting you’ve naturally been doing all along in communication with your Inner Inheritances, Inner Demons, Inner MagiS and Priestesses, and just the important people along the road you encounter. Roads and journeys inside brought into confluence through the tip of your pen as Inner State Highways continually being born anew. There’s such a freshness, even in your pain. A freshness that is honest, and runs the gamut of where it runs. I love it when my respect for someone’s work deepens into living and breathing reverence without need of bowing. I feel life itself being poured into the architecture of the forms of the relationships of your words, Croque.

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    1. It is truly remarkable how you manage to write me the right things at the exact right time. I should keep a notebook with all the wise things you say for all the times when I feel down. Every single time I see your name appear in the comment section I know that I’ll find pure gold because your words are so inspiring, encouraging and comforting. I am so grateful. Thank you, my friend.

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      1. 🙂 I have big gratitude for that. Thank you. More than you know.

        And, YOU are doing.the work. Big ole gratitude to you. Yes to you KEEPING it, by keeping up the work Know that your words substantiate more than you. I gather there are more out there who feel it.

        Keep doing the substance you do. Thank you in advance. I can say that based on the solid form of your work to date, and what is to come.

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