To Know What Rings True: A Poem

There are days, maybe like today,

That make me want to scream at the

Whole world, I am enraged, I am heartbroken,

I am giving love my all, despite the brokenness,

I dance in bright darkness, and feel that people

Join me, still and ongoing, thinking and feeling

The same sensations, why are the hardships continued,

Why go back to a normal that slowly killed us all,

Why party, party, party, drink and overeat to keep us numb,

Money out of our pockets, life out in the open,

Down the glass, up the roof, through the drunken night sky,

Blind to ourselves, fighting and not caring, this rage

Banging its head against the wall, thinking it goes unseen,

Thinking it’s obsolete, useless, nothing ever changes, the old

Song of lethargy that is never true, wake up, why don’t you wake up,

You do and it hurts, they call it self-inflicted, it’s the world we

Build with our cold hearts every single day, it doesn’t feel

Like home, sticks and stones, glass, we shatter it all,

Pretending that we’re having fun, never going deeper,

Empty words, empty gestures, another day another dollar,

The bait tingling above our throats, unloved, neglected,

Why not dive straight into our own substantiality,

They made you believe that you are made out of superficialities

And you kept dancing to their tune that kept you down,

Kept drowning in their leftover lifestyle intended for you,

Don’t let them make you sick, don’t make yourself sick,

Don’t be a martyr to a cause that is none and you don’t

Even believe in, that dehumanises you and only pretends that you matter.

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