I Failed To Hear The Unspoken: A Poem

You walked away from it all.

And I feel like I’m standing there

Empty-handed, empty-hearted,

Still waiting for you to come back

Somehow, waiting to see you typing,

Waiting for you to see my messages,

The old ways that are now lost and gone.


She wouldn’t have survived this loss,

And for a good reason, I see your face,

The sheer beauty within your eyes,

The idea turning it into pure horror, that

It’s all gone, wasted, buried, done and dusted,

I didn’t know that our time together had been

Running out, what would I have done, what

Would I have said, make you stay, make you stay,

Would that have been the wrong thing to say,

To do, to expect, to beg, deprive you of your choice?


I am sitting in the darkness that you left behind,

That exclusively belongs to the world we live in,

Still, we need to take care of it and find the light switch,

I want you to see, I want you to feel warm and loved,

You felt that there was too much of it, too much darkness,

Everything felt too heavy, blasting the light at full potential

In countermeasures ate you up, drained you steadily,

A daily fight, within, without, the taking and the taking,

And you gave and exhausted yourself, misunderstood

And unseen, something otherworldly found you and you

Rejoiced, felt free, released the tension of it all, the endlessly

Repetitive circles, vices and virtues, to hell with it all,

You needed to fly, for an instant, you alleviated your body

And broke our hearts and I love and forgive you still.

brown concrete statue inside building
Photo by Lina Kivaka on Pexels.com


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