The Mute Ambulance: A Poem

How could I not see that death

Had already seduced your heart?

How could I not see it in your eyes?

Hear it in your words, look beyond

Your smile, I know it was sincere,

I never questioned its root, the freedom,

That I never associated with non-existence,

It makes sense, somehow, I need to make

My peace with the pieces you left behind,

The memories that shattered a future,

I was robbed, of you, of us, of time, a sense

Of conclusion, you burned me and you had

Already been a body of ashes, I didn’t know,

I repeat myself, that country where the ambulance

That picked you up is silent, is judgemental,

Is pretentious, clandestine, hiding you away,

Hiding your act, the world behind it, rotten and

Infectious, nothing happened, and it happened

Multiple times after you, and again and again,

The mute ambulance drives through villages and cities,

The families drowning beneath it all,

That torturous silence, the whispering, the pretences,

The money flows and flows, mental illness is a state unknown.

red trees
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