The Voice Of A Boy: A Poem

I can still hear your voice, we always sent

Each other voicemails, I hear it in my head,

I hear it on my phone still, I press play and play,

We played as children, your voice, the voice of

A boy, fading away, not in my body, there you are

Still, and so beloved, so cherished, we were carefree

For a while, we sang and ran wild for a while, as if

The outside world was not a threat to us and what we

Built amongst us, I hope you’re there again and anew.


I hold your hand. I will always believe in you.

You exist. Touched so many lives and mine.

It’s hard to be a golden boy. You couldn’t see the light.

I don’t want to put words in your mouth.

Nothing could have destroyed the love that I have

For you, sister to brother, I wish you hadn’t let go.

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