Keeping You Warm: A Poem

I look at pictures of you,

And think, there’s so much life there,

It cannot end, it can never end,

Has that always been the wrong premise

Or am I holding on to the form instead of

The everlasting within you that is now travelling

Across the skies, surrounding us all, because we want

To be close to you, wherever you are, I hope you know.


I barely slept last night. It happens.

You respected my boundaries to not

Come to me at night, I wasn’t scared.

But I was thinking of you, the worst week

Of my life, one that I never saw coming,

Out of nowhere, it takes one moment to

Lose it all, language is important, I know that,

I need to express the hurt and the hope,

At the same time, they go hand in hand,

I wish you so well, I can feel you ascending,

You become lighter, my heart is letting go,

And nothing ever hurt more.

woman wearing black jacket standing near ocean with swan and birds

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