A Basketful: A Poem

I know what it feels like

To take on a loan that you don’t

Fully understand to step into a dream

That was shoved down your throat

You sign it when you’re young and

Impressionable, you think banks are your best friend,

Helping you out, you don’t even know who you are yet,

But you’re supposed to learn and study,

Make it out to make it back in, to suffocate,

You are full of life and hope and secure that the

World will work out according to the plan

According to the system that we never felt

Compelled to enter and yet, we were told

This is how things are done and achieved

By the outside world, every step along the way,

Money, always money in the hearts, money at the

Forefront, money ruling over people, and you had

The happiest years at university, then you fell back

Into the cold lap of a reality that wasn’t yours,

Being told that you don’t have a lot of options,

That you’re enslaved by your student debt,

That’s the world we live in too, where the pressure

Of unflinching banks and their sick lifestyles forces you into a depression,

A sense of powerlessness, unworthiness, fear, dehumanising cooperation,

Where one thing leads to another thing leads to another

And men in their twenties jump off bridges

Because it’s all too much, because they are themselves and tried to enter

A system of conformity, of endless tones of stinking grey,

Sinking, sinking in, drowning themselves in monotony,

Money, money was scary, this enormous sum, a dream,

A nightmare, growing heavier and closer, living and

Working only to pay it back, pay it all back, selling your soul

That shone so brightly during your free years at university, as a young boy,

It is a crime, it is a crime, it is a crime, it is a crime,

To make it this far only to face a culture that is already dead

And demands more souls to feast on

This system that fails us as human beings who have so much more to offer

And when are we going to open our eyes and say no to this imposed dysfunction?

naked woman near water
Photo by Jacob Prose on Pexels.com

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