In Memoriam: Love Is An Absolute: A Poem

I sat there, outside, life went on,

It hurt that life went on, people

Were laughing, sunbathing, living,

But it’s also what I needed to hear,

Life going on. I just cannot stomach

Your absence in mine, in the world

The way we experience it.


She said to me that one day when I look

At you (you’re everywhere in my flat)

I will smile before I cry. My love is a light

That shines on you, that is with you, no matter

Where you go, no matter what you do, I’m here,

And yes I have to let you go, but I will not take

Your pictures off my wall, not put you in a drawer,

You are a part of me, always have been, and the loss

Of your life will never be a loss, not in my hands.


I speak to you, I write to you, I put seashells on your heart.

I meet you at the beach, I meet you when I dream.

I sat in a garden today and cried and talked about you

And a bird seeking its family came, injured I don’t know,

Learning how to fly, on its own, something happened there

And a woman came and played the cello and I felt you there

The music running through my body, a sound from you,

And the wind rustled and I cried and smiled and she felt it too,

There you are in all your beauty, your presence, golden.

green tree photo
Photo by Felix Mittermeier on

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