In Memoriam: Gottkönig Emanuele: A Poem

Death didn’t scare you. Life scared you more.

But you loved being alive, you loved life.

You had so many plans, we talked about them.

You were full of light and swallowed the dark.

It was your character. I loved you that way.

I accepted you that way. You communicated what you wanted.

Whatever you wanted to say I would have listened.

I don’t shy away from anything. You chose, you were free to do so.


I would have had your back no matter what.

That’s how we rolled. Fears ate you up.

The way our world works ate you up.

The way we treat one another ate you up.

The way we hurt, the way we speak,

The way we think, the way we act,

The way we don’t listen, don’t heal, don’t care.


You gave it your all the way you knew how.

In your own way.

Was it a two-way street?

I hope you knew how much people loved you.

How they showed up, for you.

You liked being alone. And you were present.

Such a presence. You lit up an entire room.

So golden. So invaluable, undeniable, radiant.


We were very alike. I shared the same shyness,

Fears, insecurities, I felt them too and I know

What it’s like. But we made it out of there and

Showed people who we were. And we realised

That love was possible for us and we opened up.

Love is an absolute. Love knows no limits.

tree with brunch and green leaves during sunset
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