In Memoriam: You Asked For Candles To Be Lit: A Poem

Since Tuesday I have been afraid of the dark.

Nightfall puts me on edge.

I watched too many horror movies.

I try to rethink my fears, to feel what is there.

A human being, my brother, no harm coming my way.

I woke up plenty of times during the last nights.

And I know that you are still with us in an unfinished form.

As I woke up I didn’t dare open my eyes.

I didn’t move. I couldn’t. I think that I’ve felt your fear,

Your disorientation, lost in space and solitude.


You asked us to light candles for you.

And I did, I do it still, I hope that you can

See the light of my ongoing love for you,

The light of my words to you, my voice singing

You that song, my fingertips on that photograph,

Your stones, your clothes, your objects, with me,

Cleansed, touched, accepted, reintegrated, loved.


I will do anything to make light accessible to you.

I am afire, my brother, I will never stop shining

All the lights I have on you, all the warmth, the love,

To show you the way that only you can see, to guide you,

I am with you, please don’t be scared, I’ll be scared too.

I am here and I am walking with you, step by step, listen

To my words, that’s what I do, I am typing, I think of you,

I am right beside you, in love, together, always.

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