In Memoriam: The Forest: A Poem

I couldn’t see where I was going.

I just saw the earth.

I didn’t walk on my own.

Step by step, towards the truth,

Thirty seconds at a time,

Then I saw you in a form unknown.


I held you still.

It was you.

A form of you.

In my arms.

So close to you.

I will always be close to you.

I think of your face and there is warmth.

I speak to you, every single day.

Look at your face. Emi, your face.


All these people around us, these lives

You affected, so much love, so much life,

So many memories that ring still, so much

Rippling, waves, you are so loved, the forest

Filled with it, light through the trees, light

Through hearts, straight into your tree, I looked

Up, I looked down, the triangular grave, your ashes

A sea, within, a blanket, my love, my brother,

And the earth came, in all its facets, quickly,

You were scared of the wind, lay still, now, in peace, now.

brown colour dawn environment
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