To Love What You Cannot See: A Poem

Maybe I thought that you consisted

Of stardust, of an immateriality that

Could not be dissolved, a house that

Couldn’t burn down, but I came face

To face with your photograph, the frame,


Maybe black, maybe golden, and the embrace

Of humid air and trees that followed, the greyness

That I never associated with you, so much of it,

A stream spread across a gust of wind, the arms

Swinging, releasing what had been holy to me,


I won’t say that I lost you there, you landed onto

Nature, you, under a free sky, surrounded by flowers,

This was the peace you always dreamed of, this

Might have been the place where he had always waited for

You, you wanted to join him, you carried a sadness within


You that you never learned how to cure and yet

I can still hear you laugh, how your entire body

Did it with you, released, joyous for a moment,

Wholeheartedly, I will always think of you when I stand

Beneath the crown of a tree, when I walk amongst grass,

When birds chirp outside of my window, when leaves rustle,

There you are, again, with me, and I hear you laugh.

white cherry blossom in bloom
Photo by Sidnei Maia on

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