Die unersättliche Gier der Drangsale: Tribulations of insatiable Greed: A Poem

You entered my body through my stomach,

The sound of your voice, bursting, rummaging,

I tried to shoot it out of my ears, but there you

Lingered on the wrong side of the eardrum,

Banging, accepting the bad things into my ear,

The lies, the factory of heartbreak, the deconstructive

Criticisms, the regurgitating saboteurs, you selected

What was allowed to make its way in and I lost control,

I didn’t know that what I had to fight was wearing a mask.


You caused disruption within myself.

Every reaction forecast, out of character, mine.

You drenched my body to replicate you

And beat yourself up, out of body, out of yours,

Away with yours, through mine, this vision of yours,

Sick,  your self-exorcisms, ejections, rejections, projected

On my skin to tear apart, to judge and condemn.


You blinded me and I did not see who I was anymore.

You needed me to be a blank page so you could bleed

On it. I observed everything that came out of your mouth wide

Open and I learned my lessons by heart, knew that you

Would never stop until you gained the last piece of me,

I learned to open my mouth too and instead of taking

You in, absorbing you, I chose to bare my teeth and bite

Until you would stop coming close to me.

body of water
Photo by Ave Calvar Martinez on Pexels.com

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