Achillesferse / Achilles’ Heel: A Poem

I let her walk straight into your arms.

She had never been so disconnected

From her body, she thought she was

Alone and couldn’t hear, couldn’t feel

A thing. Programmed to trust heartbreak.

And she felt so small and saw that you liked

That. And she felt accepted, lies and lies on top

Of that, and she made herself even smaller

And you were so pleased, you could contain her.


She’d rather step into the known shrinking game

Until her body felt like nothing and heartache was all

There was, disillusionment, entanglement, disorientation.

You thrived. You cornered girls with blindfolds.

You sought them out according to their wounds.

They could be so easily directed, corrupted, because they

Never learned what love is, love could be anything,

Love could be punches, love could be bruises and cuts,

Love could be a prison, love could be fear, love could be threatening.


You were the wordsmith that reattached a new meaning

To what these girls really wanted and they hoped and believed that

Love hurts, you sold your product, you created a fable, they rotted

In love when they should have blossomed, you played your game

And watched them burn, thinking they were dying for their ideals,

And you hid the true words from them, actions of loathing and chicanery

Masquerading as love and affection, you talked to the youngest, most

Fragile part within them and abused it anew, shook it anew, to the

Core, mistransformed, out of her own shoes, how could you?


Your mouth bathed the most beautiful words in poison.

Your body conveyed to her that she was nothing whilst

She thought that she meant everything.

Abusing language, abusing words leads to abusing bodies, abusing minds.

You pretended to be on the same page and got her consent, her faith,

Even though you had ripped out all the pages without her awareness.

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