Resting On Her Laurels: A Poem

You didn’t need your body anymore

To continue the damage that you

Initiated, you made sure that you’d

Survive, that they would keep impersonating


Your toxicity, your life’s work, that would

Give you peace, that you’d linger, that you’d

Still be impactful, through generations, shameless,

Guiltless, held in high praises, the dead would never know


Blame, you relied on that, I remember you even though we

Never met, your arms still reach out, so far, I feel

Them on my skin, I won’t be your wishing well,

You had a life and you used it to destroy and make it


Last for as long as possible, I’m done with courteousness,

You’d never return the favour, you never deserved it,

These prayers bowing to you on a pedestal, no, I reject

Your footprints, you’ve made your point, your poison

Had a long run and it ended here, with my eyes wide open.

woman with blue glitters leaning on brown wall
Photo by Maria Eduarda Tavares on

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