Healing Just One Part At Least: A Poem

Men appear by my side, they feel like

You, the little things I liked about you,

On your good days, the way you used to dress,

The way you smelled, your glasses, the way

You combed your hair, maybe there is a

Way back to love, without the sound, without

Letting you in on your worst days, keeping these

Little holy things that I held on to to see the light

That you suffocated within you, but I have always seen it.


These men appear and sometimes I pretend

That I didn’t see them, that the thought of you

Didn’t cross my mind, that I don’t know that you’re

There, in that horrible room, and I’m here, safe from

What you cannot be anymore, and yet, it had always

Been your mind, you see, the body I could handle,

But it was the mind, the voice, the whole act that

Almost crushed me, I would never go back to that.


And yet these men appear and I don’t know what to do,

Somehow, exactly, I look at their shoes, what they purchase,

And they take me to you, maybe in the safest way,

A route where love can just be without intimacy, without

Speech and touch. I take you there. Not the other way around.

You want my body to be present, my mind open, but that

Will not happen. We meet each other like this, through these

Unknown men who disappear after an instant,

Who reveal to me a love amputated from all the

Hardships and in this realm it can live, it may live, and maybe you

Feel it too, and they reappear.

white and pink flower bouquet on blue armchair
Photo by ArtHouse Studio on Pexels.com

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