The Methodology Behind An Abdication: A Poem

I cannot focus on you. Your apathy,

Your lethargy, your compliance enrage

Me. I was there, too. No more. Not a moment

Longer. It is a trap. Don’t get so comfortable.

It won’t hold you. This inertia you buried yourself

In, jaded, not looking around you, judging, thinking

Everything is okay, the misery is okay because

It is known, because you can see it, because it is there,

Because you’re comfortable, nothing must change, you’re

Comfortable, that’s the point, that’s your point, that’s

How they got you, fooled you, ran your funeral, one

Force less to take down, you’re down, you’re not a risk,

They can do what they want, you’re cosy, you’re resigned.


You play the devil’s advocate, you lost all your ideals,

Your cards, nothing substantial to put on the table

And you judge, drunk on your unlived life, judge from

Your vicious comfort zones, the horror, of yourself,

Having accepted the chains, all the objects cluttering you,

Holding you in, staring at the wall, lifeless, accepting the

Imposed uselessness, galloping back into the past, digging

Up the past to find friends there, to reconnect, to fucking connect,

Again, it’s hopeless, long gone, chapters concluded, the devil’s

On the wall, the contract signed, blasphemer, get out, they

Profit if you think that everything is too late, stand up, get out.


You don’t want to look at the future because it looks

Like the present, because it feels like the dreams of the past,

The hollow, the sickly, the shiny seductive wrapper of a chocolate

Bar, so desired, so coveted, collected, as many as possible, sold,

Sold, gold, bought, bought, the golden ticket, bought, and ashes

Within, tasting like the real thing, evaporated, digested, disappeared,

So short-lived you didn’t even see it, feel it, taste it, it was an idea, without

Life, an illusion, a diversion, free fall, a trap, the bed, the lying down,

The shovel above your head, your face, don’t move, they preach, stay

There, this is what you wanted, deep inside, this, they got you, hooked.


You trusted the candy bar. You stretched out your hands.

You emptied your pockets, you emptied your heart.

You exchanged your life for a lie, and they benefit, they can use

It, not you, they took that away from you, seduction, we know

A good use for you, we make that choice for you, we know what to do,

What’s best, we’ll take the load off your shoulders, the responsibility,

Of yourself, you, your self, relax and breathe, we’ll take care of it.


You listened for too long. They played you. You are asking

Who you are. What it all means. What you mean to the

World, whether you matter at all. They took yourself away

From you and what they don’t want you to know is that you

Can take it all back in a heartbeat, because it’s still there, it

Still beats, it’s still you, you’re still here, stand up, get out, on your feet.

portrait of a woman with snow falling
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