Schamlos / Shameless: A Poem

You learned her language and then

You turned her into a blank page.

Every time you put your hands on

Her skin, it felt like grains of sand in

A wind she couldn’t handle, blown apart.


You whispered acid into her ears,

And she became bitter trying to

Hold it together, she was bursting,

She mumbled that she wanted to die,

And you kept making it worse, you

Made her think that there was no way out,

That you were it, and you betrayed her,

Betrayed her life, every piece of it,

Infiltrated. How dare you?


You’d watch her fall apart right

In front of your eyes, your business,

Card, never on the table, you made her beg,

You enjoyed seeing the pain that you

Inflicted on her face, in her eyes torn apart

By endless tears without words, you thought she

Was weak, but it was you, you who pretended,

You who failed, you who never truly felt anything.


You controlled her, dominated her, you made

Her lose her mind, you felt so powerful, didn’t you?

That you could break what had already been broken

And you knew it, you fucking knew it. Reassembling

The shards of her in such a way that you knew they

Would never work. In her favour.

monochrome photo of person covered with white fabric
Photo by Victoria Borodinova on

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